Youth Retreat


JULY 16TH, 17TH 18TH

This three day Education and Workshop Series is designed especially for middle and high school students.  Opening with a full day curated, unforgettable tour at the  Auburn Avenue Research Library Moving Image and Recorded Sound Collection a LUNCH PERFORMANCE  at the ROYAL PEACOCK a building that spawned the single most important root source of modern popular music, where experts tell stories through words and images of blues men and women and how the places where they lived and the times in which they existed–and continue to exist–influenced their music. Finally The APEX (African American Panoramic Experience) Museum to accurately interpret and present history from an African American perspective in order to help all American and International visitors better understand and appreciate the contributions of African Americans to America as well as the world
The second day of our retreat is a classroom style workshop setting.  Featuring Domonique Mitchel’s Boot Camp, Garrett Hunters Drum Workshop, Amanda Taylor’s Business preparation workshop and more. The workshop will focus on the history and evolution of Blues music in America and business building technology trends.  Master musicians are involved and will offer presentations and demonstrations, Toni Greene vocalist workshop, Lattimore’s keyboard workshop and JBMF Honoree Logan Westbrooks. Celebrity Luncheon Blues Living Legends, professional artist, executives, mentors, parents, invited guest
Our third day of events include Discussions on:The Delta Blues Experience, Comparing Traditions: Blues Rural/Urban/Rock/Soul, Connecting Blues Roots to Hip-Hop, Entrepreneurship and the star studded BGAS Awards Banquet Featured Performance by the Peterson Brothers

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