Sound Republica

Mr. Allen Johnston, The Music Specialist has negotiated an exclusive partnership to secure Korean Marketing, Distribution, Streaming and Mobile Delivery. USA based entertainment company, The Music Specialist, has signed an exclusive Korean distribution deal with Sound Republica in Seoul Korea.

In keeping with the trends within Global music The Music Specialist identified territory that would be responsive to US Independent Artists and their collective works.

Mr. Allen Johnston says” There is an ever-growing industry of specific genres and fans. Now is the time to adjust your fan base and meet these particular niche markets. There is still a need for Live Shows, Digital Download, Mobile Streams, Ringtones, Ring backs, Streaming, video, MP3, MP4, Wav etc. My company only wants to acknowledge all artists for their talent while giving them increased opportunities to make money”.

Mr. Terrence Kim Co/CEO of Sound Republica said, “Music reaches its full potential when it is appreciated and loved by the worldwide audience. Sound Republica is proud to announce that we will introduce the music of all genres from the Music Specialist to South Korea, which will help broaden the music spectrum of the Korean audience”.

About Sound Republica
Sound Republica is a global music distribution and publishing company launched in 2018. It has its origins in J.B. Content Group and Metropolis Korea Limited, which were the Korean representative companies for the Abbey Road Studios and Metropolis Music Group, both in London, UK. Sound Republica aims to transform the world music industry by creating a genuinely innovative open music platform where independent artists and labels can distribute and publish their music anywhere in the world.

Co-Founder & Co-CEO / Marty Ro CEO / President, Metropolis Korea Limited Official Korean Agent, Abbey Road Studios Co-Founder / Executive Producer, MGMC Group Co-Founder / CEO, Roshin & Company, Inc. B.A. Korea University / University of Wisconsin M.S. Program

Co-Founder & Co-CEO / Terrence KimManaging Director, E-Land Group Sr. Manager, Lotte Strategy & Insight Center Sr. Manager, CJ Corporation Consultant, Bain & Company B.A. Economics, Seoul National University / MBA, Kellogg School

‚ÄčAbout Music Specialist
Music Specialist is an entertainment company based in the USA. The company offers a wide range of diverse genre music, artists, and producers available for Korea.
Services offered by the Music Specialist include Content Licensing, Mobile Streaming, Consulting and Business Coaching, Publishing Administration, International Business Introductions, Digital and Physical International Distribution, Royalty Collections/Neighboring Rights Collections, Marketing and Promotional Assistance.