Midem Registration Special

By attending Midem over the past 20 years I have seen the growth and changes within the Global entertainment industry. American culture has become an integral portion of the world music, film and Tech communities. What I have also seen is the lack of American musicians, artist, creators, videographers, film makers, producers and writers, tech companies and music professionals attending.

For 2015 I have made a commitment to change the status by assisting a cadre of American companies in attending Midem, preparing there materials and obtaining business meetings while there. By taking advantage of the MUSIC SPECIALIST MIDEM SPECIAL I will assist your company at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

In the past 5 years EVERY COMPANY that I have assisted has acquired an International deal.


Sales-MidemTel: +1 (212) 284-5142
Fax: (212) 284-5148
Email: alex.mallett@reedmidem.com

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