Jureesa The Duchess

Jureesa La’ Twon born February 20, 1982 was raised in Port Gibson/ Pattison, Mississippi area. “The Duchess” as many know her is a small town country town girl with big dreams, big heart, full of talent and a gift for music. I have been influenced by so many great artist many who are in Soul Heaven but still so many who are still standing thank all of these great artist because they have left me with a lot to sing and write about but most of all they have shown me how it should be done . I am so inspired and thankful to these awesome artists without them my inspiration would possibly not be where it is today. I pride myself as a true down home Southern Soul Blues artist/ songwriter/ entertainer waiting for the world to sit back, listen and enjoy the expressions of my soul. It does not matter to me how big or small the crowd; the show must go on giving 100%.. My love for music and the desire to share drives me to be the best.

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