Americana Music Compilation


Based on submissions to my company here is some of the best Independent Americana Music I have heard.


Americana music compilation is a combination of different music styles of the United States. The current meaning of the term Americana, which was invented in 1841, describes the traditions of the United States of America. The union of the shared and diverse traditions forms the music is also referred to as American roots music. They will structure the musical ethos of the United States of America. This ethos is the one that specifically includes the sounds that are combined from a variety of external influences, including:

  • Country
  • Folk
  • Blues
  • Rock and roll
  • Rhythm and blues
  • Gospel

The AMA or the Americana Music Association defines this music compilation USA as a piece of contemporary music. It will largely include elements of a variety of acoustic music styles of American roots and bluegrass, causing a unique roots-oriented sound. This sound lives in a world aside from the untainted forms of the types upon which it may draw. While sound tools are often present and imperative, Americana often uses a complete electric band, as well.

In the Americana music world, the presenter is chiefly a woman. Nearly, Two-thirds of the year-end list of Americana compilation albums consists of women presenters. Then, it is gradually included with some men who represented the best albums in Americana in 2017. However, one common feature of the Americana music collection is the independence, creative wholesomeness, as well as genuineness at the core of the music. Obviously, that spirit is active and well in the many releases of such music albums every year, filling under the vast umbrella of Americana.

As the typical country music prolongs, the most part of it incorporates hip-hop and rock elements onto the charts as well as into the arenas. The other specialized trend among a genre so varied is the diversity itself of the artists as well as the output. If anything, in Americana music compilation USA, the presenters will be mostly females.


Living with wife of 30 years, Olga, who continues to be the inspiration for all of his love songs, and two great kids, Jason and Danielle, Rich Pirone has been writing songs for many years collaboratively and solo. Just like any kid of my generation who watched the Ed Sullivan show, February of '64,Rich  was pretty sure John Lennon was the coolest guy on the planet. From that point on he lived and breathed popular music


Brothers Louis and Ben own Life Stream Recording Studios which is an HD and LE Avid Pro-Tools facility. Louis Cruz (our lead guitarist and conductor) toured with Mickey, Larry and the Exciters.  In the late sixties, they joined a Chicago show band and went on tour throughout the United States. Gary U. S. Bond selected the band to be his back – up band.  The band played at clubs and festival all over the United States.  The band was then chosen by Mickey Larry and the exciters to go on tour.


The Red Dirt Skinners are a Country/Blues duo from England. This year they were placed SECOND at the British Blues Awards (Best Instrumentalist category) and are waiting to hear the results of their nomination for Best New Act at the British Country Music Awards. "The Red Dirt Skinners prove that the UK can rival points in Deep South America when it comes to Rootsy Country." Maverick Magazine.


Christopher Ford has been attacking acoustic guitars on stages throughout Western Canada for the past half-decade, grinding out a soulful, energetic form of folk that demands a second listen.  Despite his quick smile and penchant for a cheeky joke, 'CFord' brings a profound-yet-paranoid urgency to the stage that has earned him a devoted following.  After cutting his teeth standing out from amongst the cowboy hats in Calgary and the blue-collar bars of Edmonton's winter, Christopher moved westward to the land of long beards and thick-rimmed glasses, and the transition has helped him to find his true voice.


A fleet-footed songwriter that lets the songs write themselves, his ideas clank around in his soul and when the time is right they spill on out. Sometimes that takes a half hour and sometimes its half a decade. Either way songwriting is as much a part of me as taking a breath.   Musically the song presents itself in whatever genre it wants. Most of them live  in the acoustic-country rock-blues universe. A lot depends on what the “lick” the song is based on calls for.  Lyrically John likes a turn of phrase that can have a multiple meaning depending on the frame of mind. John is averse to taking topics head-on instead he strives to leave plenty of room for the listener to find their own way through the words.


Tapia Corel and Jim Rhodes have been performing together as Partners in Crime, since 2009. From the beginning, they were keenly aware of a special blend of their voices, reminiscent of those who share the same DNA (think Everyly Brothers and The Judds) and a chemistry that radiates throughout their work. Partners in Crime’s music chronicles the bumps, bruises, disappointments, bad decisions and joys of traveling one’s own road through a mix of tempos, styles and unexpected turns of phrase and melody. It also puts voice to experiences many prefer not to discuss, but well understand.


Lisa is the hardest working independent artist you will find. She does over 250 shows per year, either in her local area or driving across country by herself, as she did on a recent tour with Blues Traveler, putting over 12,000 miles on car and grabbing sleep whenever and wherever she could. Lisa has duet with Jon Bon Jovi, sung backup for Bruce Springsteen, done national tours with Meat Loaf, Blues Traveler, America, and Ted Nugent, and opening for artists ranging from Bryan Adams, Kansas, Joan Jett, and John Waite to Train, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Joan Jett, Ingrid Michaelson, and many more. Her CDs have reached #1 on two indie charts and #4 on the college charts.


Rebecca Hosking has been a singer/songwriter for countless years building her career and honing her craft. She is a succinct lyricist and story teller. In recent months she has landed numerous cuts on TV/films and independent artists and looking to land a deal with major label artists as she pounds the pavement in Nashville making her presence known.


Dave Younger is a teacher now. In his new incarnation he's Mr. Yinger and he works with Middle Schoolers with learning disabilities in Stockton, Ca. For 35+ years he ground out 2-300 gigs per year fronting the Dave Younger Band. In that time he recorded 3 albums of self-penned songs and opened for Willie Nelson, Eddie Raven, Johnny Paycheck and other big name acts.


14 years old Olivia Bey possess a powerful voice that never ceases to amaze her audiences when she performs. Olivia has natural tone, emotion and inflection that is purely and unconditionally Americana. Discovered by Dominique Mitchell, who has trained the likenesses of Beyoncé and Michael Jackson, Olivia performs with a goal of connecting with audience. "Music is emotional and emotions are universal.